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environmental concern

RECYCLED GARBAGE SYSTEM 2, SL is a company aware with an environmental purpose, designing and promoting new waste recovery systems, daily consumption since having our society, causes a strong environmental impact.

System Developed by Novavalor innovative systems are treated in systems that respond to the problem of existing pollution by storing NFU. So, we seek the opportunity to innovate in the recycling and recovery of these materials, which by their polluting power challenging.

 Under this idealism, RECYCLED GARBAGE SYSTEM 2, SL, will launch a revolutionary new method to address this problem, getting this process take 100% of the components that make up the tires.

Products obtained

Gas: 5%
5% Complete
Steel: 15%
15% Complete
Carbon Black: 30-35%
30% Complete
Fuel: 35-45%
35% Complete


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