We design, manufacture and build...
... comprehensive solutions tailored to your company



   Because we know that each customer has different needs, Novavalor System, thanks to a long and experienced career, we are proud to offer our current and future customers, with great technical and economic flexibility, the best solutions for the complete adaptation our services, keeping in mind the varied needs in terms of technological development and competitive improvement

   So Novavalor System handles all the value chain, covering different areas of the project and considering offering different services such as:

• Innovative design and development of new technology solutions.
• Design of various machinery and equipment in the energy sector and renewable energy.
• Design of infrastructure and industrial facilities.
• Manufacturing of different equipment designed to fit the needs.
• Construction of industrial and urban facilities.
• Maintenance of various facilities:

  1. Preventive Maintenance.
  2. Corrective maintenance.
  3. Emergency maintenance.
  4. Logistic control facilities.

• Waste managers.


We have 30 years of experience in the energy sector and having the significant amount of more than 2,000 projects at high customers and recognized National and International brands, Novavalor System shows a policy of constant development and advancement of our “Know Now” making this highly competitive and enterprising company, providing integrated and innovative solutions coordinated with the use of new technologies developed in our R + D + i.

  This project developed by Engineering Supervision and Control SL expands its ambitions in the field of renewable energies, marking revolutionize main objective guidelines as Valuation of harmful materials such as used tires and plastics, taking entrepreneurship self study and development of different solutions for the best results.

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