Waste Managers as we are, Recycled Garbage System 2 Authorised by the Directorate General of Quality and Environmental Impact, by order of January 31, 2014, we operate waste treatment. Carrying out the collection, transportation, processing and Exploitation of NFU and Plastics.

   In an effort to reduce the harmful effects on health and the environment, we have opted for the new system Valuation of tire unusable by pyrolysis, with which we want to end the problem of pollution tires and plastics generated at environment in our country and in many other days.

social awareness

…. to make better use of the materials.

  The management of urban, industrial and commercial waste has traditionally consisted of the collection, followed by the provision. Depending on the type of waste and the area, the process can continue with a specific treatment. This treatment may be to reduce their danger, recover material for recycling or energy.

   Alongside this effort to keep the environment clean, we got treated waste material as a resource to be exploited, rather than simply as a problem to be eliminated.