Grupo Novavalor System

Expansión y Evolución

About us

Novavalor System Is made of by a group of enterprises as “Ingeniería de Supervisión y Control, S.L.”  and  “Novagas Criogenia, S.L.”, moreover counting with the support and experiences of Mr. Luis Javier Ruiz Herrera. It is headed by RECYCLED GARBAGE SYSTEM 2, S.L. (RGS2)society, wich was established on may 2013, and with the aim on the social aid of recovering and treating some used materials, waste/garbage, and also industrial and home goods to be recycled and valorized, obtaining, distributing and trading energetic products.

All mentioned promoters are considered as part of the same business cluster than Reclycled Garbage System 2, S.L. is, so that it will benefit with all the experience and “Know-How” supported by the business team spoken. This competitive association works on the land of energetic goods, where we achieve a great experience (more than 28 years) being considered reknown inside of this sector, by exporting and woeking aborad with our cotidian activity.

Between our main services we must underline the design of technical projects on industrial plants, no matter if they are buildings, industrial units, features, etc., and all the stuff related with energetic efficiency, power supply, cogeneration, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, GLP, etc.

Business group manager



Mr. Luis Javier Ruiz Herrera

There is an industrial engineer in charge on developing the technical project, as well as a designer and a technical director for all RGS2 systems. Is also known that Mr. Luis Javier Ruiz Herrera is the head of the staff in one of the previous company as CEO Engineering Director. We have an extended experience on designing, installation, operation and control of all kind of plants, specializing en the energetic sector.